This is an antville installation at; I just wanted to check out hop and it's killer-application, antville.
After some playing around and a quick examination of code I stopped playing around with it -- I lacked time and motiviation. Well, still there's a half-seriously-meant log of mine left. I think I'll let this install of antville run for some more time, and even allow others to open own weblogs -- just drop a message to user pooz on this host and tell me why you think I should give you a permission :). This host is a very weak, old machine. It's further existance is also not secure by any means, it's hosting can be cut off any day. So don't expect it to be reliable, or to be able to withstand moderate or even high traffic. Other applications running on this host are of a higher priority, so if the ressources will get thin, this antville-instance could be shut down, even possibly without a warning.

Number of weblogs hosted here: 9
Publicly accessible weblogs: 0
Montag, 21.01.2019, 20:03
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